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The narrative of Austin's black community

Austin History Center

African American Community Archives

The problem

As the African American Community Archivist and Librarian, I have had to deal with the displacement of the African American community in East Austin and other surrounding areas in Travis County. How can I document the lives of the African American community when they have left the city limits because of gentrification?

Solution / Approach

I create continued programming and outreach to families that still reside in East Austin. I also collaborate and created partnerships with Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Georgetown Public Library Systems to make sure that African American families that have left Austin proper realize that their history is still important and needs to be collected, processed, and archived and provide opportunities to interact and learn.

Core team
  • kYmberly Keeton, M.L.S., CA
Key advisors
  • African American Community around Austin, Texas
What can make it sustainable?

We need 3-4 people working with me to meet the needs of the African American Community. Also, an increase to the $500 yearly budget is needed when you think of a community archive and its significance to Austin’s history.

Advice to others

I rather leave you with quotes to ponder while taking the necessary steps to change things radically and expeditiously // I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. - Audre Lorde // Don't count the days, make the days count. - Muhammad Ali