Civic Futures Awards

Learning from the lived experience of homelessness

City of Austin

Downtown Municipal Court

The problem

How might we develop a system that's going to be efficient and effective and move people out of the state of homelessness? How might we understand why this is happening?

Solution / Approach

Downtown Municipal Court runs the Austin Homelessness Advisory Council which gives people with lived experiences the ability to co-create and provide feedback on the City's approach to solving issues for people experiencing homelessness.

Core team
  • Taylor Cook
  • Lincoln Neiger
  • Sarah Rodriguez
  • Katherine Duong
  • Maura Newell
Key advisors
  • ECHO
  • Austin Downtown Alliance
  • Innovation Office
  • Office of Design & Delivery
What can make it sustainable?

Austin’s Downtown Municipal Court has taken on long-term management of the Homelessness Advisory Council

Advice to others

It’s important to work against the inertia of working at your desk. We need more ways to get out into the community and engage with residents.