Civic Futures Awards

Evaluating tech pilots for equity, efficiency, and transparency

City of Austin

Austin Transportation Department

The problem

Many companies were approaching the City offering its wares, but many did not offer a solution the City was needing or understand alignment with our needs. We needed a way to fairly evaluate different proposals quickly and educate potential vendors about creating value for the City of Austin.

Solution / Approach

Our Public-Private “Expression of Interest” portal is a way to align both City Council’s SD23 Priorities and ATD specific needs with a Vendor’s offering. This also creates a fair and orderly process for which ATD can evaluate potential pilot opportunities with the City of Austin. The questions of vendors indicate whether they are willing to operate in an Open Data environment, particularly important to potential solutions down the road...

Core team
  • Kirk Scanlon
  • Jordan “Alex” Payson
  • Karla Taylor
  • John Clary
  • Purchasing Office
  • Jason JonMichael
Key advisors
  • Elaine Nicholson
  • Kerry O’Connor
What can make it sustainable?

The process is iterative and is regularly tweaked for continuous improvement and functionality. ATD designed this portal to be used or duplicated by other departments facing the same issues.

Advice to others

Always ask for input, the more the better the product. Steal good ideas and improve upon them. Make sure it is located on the web where potential vendors can easily find it. Ease of use is the key.