Civic Futures Awards

Launching Alternatives to Legacy IT

Austin Transportation Department

Data and Technology Services Team

The problem

Our asset management was an intractable legacy system that was expensive to upgrade and miserable to use. Technicians had to use expensive hardware for field work since it required access to the on-prem network. How might we replace a complicated-to-use vendor solution for work order management.

Solution / Approach

We researched with current users both internally and externally to understand user needs. We found that the current asset management system was not nimble enough to respond to changing business processes. We used a low-code platform to build the division a cloud-based web application that met their most critical business needs.

Core team
  • Diana Martin
  • John Clary
  • Mateo Clarke
  • Mike Dilley
  • Amenity Applewhite
  • Sergio Garcia
Key advisors
  • Lauran Seyda
  • Kati Alcantara
  • Christina Tremel
What can make it sustainable?

We are using an iterative approach and an extensible, device-agnostic platform. This means the solution can evolve along with user needs and hardware.

Advice to others

Account for not just implementation of the application. Account for the data migration of systems as well.